Business Property & Liability Insurance

Your business is complex and your insurance solution should be designed and tailored accordingly. Creating business insurance coverage for your unique needs is our specialty. Call our office at 416-234-9980 and speak with one of our brokers to find out how Cade Associates can prepare your insurance solution.

We create custom solutions for

– Commercial construction organizations – from home builders to industrial pipelines.
– Service industry – law firms, marketing agencies, entertainment providers and more.
– Small business – customized plans for your unique needs.

Business Property

Insure against loss or damage to your buildings, equipment, heavy machinery, inventory, stock, office contents, property in storage, property in transit, property while at a trade show etc.  Coverage might also extend to include boiler insurance, miscellaneous electrical apparatus, crime for theft of property, money, building while under construction.

Business Liability Insurance

This coverage responds with an investigation of the claim brought against you for your alleged negligence causing bodily injury or damage to property of others arising out of your business operations.  The coverage includes defense on your behalf and pays any damages, up to the policy limits, for which you are deemed legally liable.  A critical component of insurance for both profit and not-for-profit operations, this insurance brings peace of mind to allow you to focus on the management of your business.

Professional Services and Specialty Risks

While claims for bodily injury, or damage to property of others, is easily visualized, claims for monetary loss from the rendering of, or the failure to render professional services is not, and yet, this type of liability exposure is potentially as financially damaging.  Consultants, service providers including lawyers, engineers, accountants, interior designers, esthetic salons, fitness centres, event management/planners etc are now required to show proof to their client that they carry this valuable form of insurance.  Other specialty risks including fiduciary liability, cyber-liability, restaurants, entertainment industry, including business with host liquor liability exposures require specific attention to their insurance solution.

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