Life insurance is a critical piece of your family’s financial plan, but is often overlooked as part of your personal insurance portfolio. Our brokers help ensure this important coverage isn’t missed, providing you peace of mind you’re totally protected.

Important Life Insurance Considerations

Pricing and Length of Policy Term

Life insurance policies can be purchased with varying terms. Be aware that, while shorter term policies may appear cost effective now, they may result in dramatically increased costs to you down the road on policy term renewal. Cade Associates will provide you with the tools to make the right decision to suit your financial needs.

Term, Whole, or Universal Life

A life insurance policy is designed to meet the unique needs of each individual. These needs change throughout a lifetime. It is important to consider the various types of life insurance policies available to meet your needs and allow for the flexibility as your needs change. Mortgage commitments, children’s education, estate preservation and family legacy are important considerations.

The Right Limits

What are the right limits? Discussion with our brokers will assist you in determining what your needs are for today and for the future and a policy will be designed accordingly.

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